Our Philosophies

Our Philosophies

1. Our People

We care for the health and wellbeing of our people, their personal and professional development, and their economic safety. We believe that work must be challenging and fun for everybody. The appropriate people fit our culture, our values and our philosophies.

2. Our Customer

Our customers always have a choice and we take care to personally deliver incredible travel experiences. Delivered with respect, honesty, integrity and good attitude.

3. Bright Future

All our people belong to a Team (family), to a Town, to an Area (Tribe), a Nation and to a Country. This community work provides an exciting and challenging career, and a future for committed people. Internal promotions and transferences will always be our first option, providing people the opportunity to globally move through our company. As a company we acknowledge and celebrate our individual and collective success.

4. Assuming Responsibility

We assume entire responsibility for our own success and failures. We do not blame others. We accept that we have all the ownership and responsibility, but we do not always have the control. As a company we acknowledge and celebrate our individual and collective success.

5. Equality and Unity

In our company we believe that each individual must have the same privileges and rights. In all our countries and in all our business models “them and we” should not exist.

Our Business Model

1. Ownership

Our people have the opportunity to share the company success through incentives based on earnings, and profit sharing. Ownership of leaders is through the Business Ownership Scheme ‘BOS’ and the ‘Employee and Leadership share Plans”. Business leaders and the team members consider the business they mange as of its own.

2. Incentives

Our people have economic incentives based on measurable KPIs, and on quantifiable results. What is performed is rewarded is one of our basic principles, since we reward results and not behaviors.

3. Our Standard Systems: A better way

In our business there is always “a better way” to operate. These are standard systems universally used until a better way is shown. The improved way becomes the “better way of the system”. We value common sense on conventional wisdom.

4. Family, Town, Tribe

Our structure is simple, thin, flat and transparent, with accessible leaders. Our Business Model is intended to make us one of the best and biggest operator of small business in the world. We have a maximum of 5 layers. The people is an integral part of the structure with a People Leader guiding its own team and other teams formed by 3-5 and their Leaders.

  1. Family (Team – min. 3, max. 7 members) Town (min 3, max. 7 Teams).
  2. Tribe (Areas – min 10, max. 20 Teams).
  3. Nations/Brands (min 8, max. 15 Areas).
  4. Regions/States/Countries.
  5. Senior leadership meeting and team.

5. Earnings

A fair margin, resulting from the earnings of a business we are proud of, that is the key measure to know if we are providing our customers an incredible experience, exciting products, and a careful and respectful service – an experience that customers may truly value.